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Egypt of the Las Vegas Desert

Las Vegas, NV, United States
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The Luxor Hotel fits right in with the Las Vegas scenery. It's an Egypt-themed hotel which, instead of sitting in the Egyptian Desert, it located in the desert which is southern Nevada. I was there for business in May 2019 and, during my say, made a number of "desert," jokes, none of which were very well received. Nevertheless, the Luxor pool area did serve as a viable oasis when the heat and rising temperatures (both literally and figuratively) of the meeting room gave way to what was basically unstructured businessman play-time. I made a point to say away from the Luxor's casino area as, talk about a desert, the casino area was likely to lead me high and dry!
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South Las Vegas Boulevard
Main drag in Las Vegas; lots of fun and enjoyable ways to lose your money; be wise here!

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