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Egg Harbor Cafe: The C0ck of The Walk

Hinsdale, IL, United States
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When you like eating breakfast with friends / family and then think "Hey, I can turn this into a business!", you get a place like Egg Harbor Cafe. The first one started back in 1985 with that simple concept in mind. They serve breakfast and lunch and close shop at 2PM. What a business concept. It frees up the rest of your nights. While the clientele are usually "persons of a certain age", it draws families with kiddos too. I've been to the original one (Hinsdale) now two times and it has that small town rustic county vibe with lots of roosters / hens adorning the walls. The menu revolves around breakfast omelette type food but they have a burger for the carnivores out there. It's the kind of place that grandma or grandpa bring their friends to early in the morning to shoot the breeze.
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Egg Harbor Cafe
A little bit of a grandma / grandpa type establishment but you know the old folks know where the good stuff is.

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