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Eating around the Lower East Side, NYC

New York, NY, United States
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The Lower East Side of Manhattan is chock full of hidden food gems. We began our afternoon of eating with ice cream in fish shaped cones at Taiyaki NYC. Then we moved onto all things brined at The Pickle Guys. Next up bialy at Kossar's and a quick stroll through Essex Street Market. Then we popped into Economy Candy to load up on nostalgia before wandering down to the Tompkins Square Greenmarket. We finished up the day with amazing Peruvian food and Pisco Sours at Mancora. On the walk back to the car we stopped into Dual Market, a speciality store loaded with internal spices and hard to find products. It was the perfect low key/LES foodie kind of day!
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New York
This was the perfect low key/Lower East Side food lover kind of day.

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