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Easter in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA, United States
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We happened to be in New Orleans on Easter Sunday morning. We were leaving later that day on a cruise and went out to get coffee at a little outdoor cafe. We started seeing all of these dressed-up people including ladies in elaborate hats assembling across the street. Little did we know that we happened to be having our coffee right where they were lining up for an Easter Parade! And this is not the main parade -- that comes later and is full of floats and all the typical stuff. This is a beautiful little historical event of ladies in hats, and it was quite wonderful and charming. They also gave out candy and small stuffed animals to any children who were watching. If you are in New Orleans on Easter keep your eye out for ladies in hats!
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Cafe Soule & The Paris Room
Our breakfast here was great and we had front row seats for the parade!

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