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ESPN Game Day in Fargo

West Fargo, ND, United States
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I wanted to tag Fargo for this story, but it won’t let me, even though I have not met my 5 story limit on Fargo, so I’m tagging West Fargo, which will really annoy the people from Fargo, especially the Bison Fans, because this is definitely not West Fargo. But here goes the story…NDSU, the college in FARGO has had quite a successful football team attracting the attention of ESPN Game Day who has come to the town more than once. I’m not a football fan, so I can’t even tell you much about the football team or their many victories, but I can tell you that I met up with some friends when ESPN Game Day came to Fargo a few years back. It was basically a huge party in downtown Fargo. This photo was taken from a building downtown while ESPN was setting up. The downtown streets were packed and everyone (well mostly everyone except me) was wearing green and gold. There has been talk of ESPN coming back again. It was a blast!
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North Dakota State University
North Dakota State University is home to the Bison Football team.
ESPN Game Day came to downtown Fargo. This photo is the morning they were setting up.

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