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Dunn’s River Falls Park

Ocho Rios, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica
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Dunn’s River Falls Park is an interesting river/fall combination in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The river is small but pretty unique in a way that it is flowing over an endless series of gentle rocky hills and ultimately flows into the Caribbean Ocean.Just like many people, my son and I started off our journey with water massage right at the mouth of the river at sandy beach. At the mouth of river there are again falls but they are only about 10’ tall. After enjoying a few minutes of refreshing water massage, we started to follow gangs of people to climb up the river/fall. The river fall area was well covered with tall trees in lush Caribbean jungle. Refreshing cold waters were constantly flowing ankle deep on rocks and there were numerous pools between hills that were typically belly deep with maybe the deepest spot near the center of the pools more than 6’. Some areas were bit slippery, but it was not dangerous at all and actually it was a lot of fun. We dipped into a few pools along the path and we thoroughly enjoyed this unique natural park.
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