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It’s where the desert meets the ocean. And you’re on a du...

Paracas, Ica, Peru
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Second stop in Peru: Paracas (pronounced Pa-da-kass). This is a tiny beach town that also has a large desert behind it. After a short bus ride from Lima, our guide from Peru Hop (great bus company for tourists) recommended that we rent some dune buggies to ride through the National Reserve. Dropped our bags, ate amazing Ceviche & proceeded to get our dune buggies. This experience is one of my personal favorites of the whole trip. Cruising through the desert & driving to 500foot cliffs overseeing the Pacific is unique. There were many viewpoints we spent some time at literally just taking in the beauty of the sights. Behind our hotel and on the private beach were actual flamingos just hanging out. Unfortunately they scare easy so we couldn’t get any selfies!
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