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Duke Kahanamoku Statue

Honolulu, HI, United States
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Duke Kahanamoku is Hawaii’s native son. He is the man, the myth and the legend. He is known for several accomplishments, including being a five time Olympic medalist (3 golds) in swimming. He is further known for introducing the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing to the rest of the world. There is even a statute of him in Australia to commemorate his introduction of the sport to that country. He heroically saved 8 men from drowning subsequent to a boat capsizing by using his surf board and his swimming skills. He went on to become a Hollywood movie star, the Sheriff of Honolulu, and much more. His iconic statute stands in the center of Waikiki beach, with his arms outspread to welcome the world. Every day, his arms are adorned with fresh flower leis. On lei day, there are so many leis put upon him that you can barely tell that there’s a statue under there!
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