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The most breathtaking scene in Ireland was just around th...

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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We stepped off a plane and went immediately into town to Trinity University. What a whirlwind after 10 hours on a plane and skipping 6 hours ahead in time.

The people are so friendly and helped us with luggage and getting around. Our tour began with seeing the book of Kells, one of the remaining tomes from when the Vikings razed the towns back in the 10th or 11th century. It was a lovely museum and we exited into the square on the beautiful 68 degree weather. (heat wave for the locals, but we flew from Dallas and it was 104)

The night time is quiet, no one is on the streets. There is no crime and the cops do not carry guns. It takes some adjusting to the latitude as the sun did not set until around 11 pm. Insomnia was not uncommon for us!

In the center of town they had built a wonderful harp bridge and they were building the first "tall" bldg in Dublin's history. Skyscrapers were not permitted until recently.

We walked the next day around town to see some old architecture and visit St Patrick's Cathedral. Absolutely magnificent cathedral with stained glass and stone walls. You could smell the history in there.

The river Liffey is nearby and at St. James Gate is where the Guiness brewery is. The locals say the "ghastly" liquid is brewed straight from the Liffey and that's what gives it the taste.

I would encourage you to visit Dublin but check out the other counties. Cork, Kenmare, Killarney, and Galway were all amazing. The people of Ireland are rich in culturure, humour, and class.
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