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Drury Park

Caldwell, KS, United States
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Drury Park is a scenic location on the Chikaskia River near Caldwell, Kansas. It is located immediately north of the Oklahoma State Line. Kansans and Oklahomans have enjoyed the park for well over 100 years. If travelers on Interstate 35 knew how close they were to the park, perhaps some of them would stop for a quick visit. The park is a bit remote, but it makes for a nice opportunity to walk around and “stretch your legs”.

Drury Park may not be a major center of tourist activities anymore, but it still attracts a crowd on hot summer weekends. The centerpiece of the park is the old dam. This dam was constructed to serve a gristmill that stood on the banks of the river. Sadly, the mill is no longer standing, having been destroyed by a fire in 1953.

I visited the park in the winter. The area had been besieged by a prolonged cold snap. The waterfall that is created by the dam was frozen and there was a fair amount of ice on the river. A little snow would have made a perfect winter scene, but I was glad to enjoy the park for a few moments on a long drive across the country.
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