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Drive Thru A Tree & Enjoy the Emu's

Klamath, CA, United States
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I guess I was feeling a little guilty about not contributing my fair share to California's tourist trap projected revenue bypassing the "Trees Of Mystery", so we made up for it the rest of the day. Seeing the signs for "Drive Thru Tree" we quickly pulled in, finding a self pay box with requests for $5 to continue to the tree, along with the request to "Enjoy The Emu's Across Road" (should that apostrophe be there in Eum"s?). Anyways, I'd always wanted to see one of those kind of trees, and we had the place to ourselves in the middle of January, so $5 later, off we went. The tree was pretty big and amazing, but we couldn't fit our vehicle thru which was slightly disappointing, but it was a pretty cool sight and with the icing on the cake of seeing the Eum's, we felt like we got our $5 worth and made our contribution to roadside novelty in the great state of California.
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