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Downtown and Points West of Nassau

Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
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In 3 days, we packed a lot into our trip! My first story outlined the beaches and Arawak Cay, now for everything further into town!

Nassau definitely has a tourist vibe, due to the cruise dock right in town. We tried to avoid some of it, but it's fun to look through all the cheap souvenirs, feel the energy and people watch! We used the jitney bus system heavily, getting into town and then heading further west. Usually you'll have to switch buses in downtown if you want to go out further. We went as far as Potter's Cay, and then took the bus all the way down to the mall, through some of the neighborhoods, and then back into town.
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Culture and experiences

Graycliff Cigars
Check out the cigar rollers! Fine to walk through and chat with them, very interesting to see how they're made.
Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant
Walk through the building here, definitely worth a stop for the chocolate and cigars!

Points of interest

Fort Fincastle
After climbing the Queen's stairs, turn right and then head toward the Fort. Great spot to watch the cruise ships leave port at sundown, or watch the sunset on the opposite side of the island.
Queen's Staircase
Not much to do here besides look at it - very cool nonetheless. Though I wouldn't pay for a guide, read a book or eavesdrop on someone else's guide for the history.


Nassau Straw Market
Cheap stuff, I bet very little is actually local made.

Special activities

John Watling's Distillery
Check it out! Free tour (through your guide a couple bucks) grab a drink, and leave with a bottle of rum.
Potters Cay
Not for the faint of heart! If you're staying at Atlantis, this might not be the spot for you. If you like a side of adventure with your lunch, check it out. Some characters at Potter's Cay, and it wouldn't exactly pass health codes in the US, but the food at some of these stands is awesome! Stick with the classic conch salad and conch fritters.

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