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Downtown Diekirch

Diekirch, Diekirch, Luxembourg
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We were running from the military museum back to the parking garage, when my family decided that they wanted to take a VERY cold walk down a side street and explore downtown Diekirch. It was a Saturday, and we were surprised to see that most of the businesses were closed, but we still went. The town was still decorated for Christmas and the market was up, but no longer open and there are some very interesting shops that were all along the pedestrian only area. We also discovered that there is a beer that is brewed in Diekirch that is called Diekirch! My husband and brother tried to find a place to buy some, but all of the places with the signs advertising it were closed. Despite not being able to do any shopping, we still had a great time exploring this cute Luxembourgish town!
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