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Dont even think of taking home any sand!

Pāhala, HI, United States
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Hawaii is home to some exotically colored beaches covered with black sand, green sand, and of course the usual white sand. It is also full of dire warnings of what will happen to you if you take home a handful of that colorful sand. Each grain of sand is inhabited with potentially vengeful Hawaiian spirits that will plague you with bad luck until you send the sand back to the island with an apology. We heard this from the park rangers, so it must be true. We stopped at this striking black sand beach (Punalu’u) on our way to the airport, so we didn’t have time to swim here. And yes, I took a picture of a handful of black sand before we left, but I swear I put it all back before we left the beach!
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Punalu‘u Beach
Striking beach composed of black basalt sand

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