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Donghai Bridge

Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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This is a photo from 2008 and pre-smartphone era. We were visiting Shanghai with few printouts of google maps in our hand. Our only hope was that the local people would understand some English and provide us with directions. For some reason, we wanted to see the Donghai bridge, at that time probably the world's longest bridge connecting a deep-sea port to the Shanghai metro area. By searching on the internet we found a local bus route and had to ask some local people to actually find the bay from where we could get a great view of the bridge. Luckily, we met a couple of young students who could understand little English and gave us directions to the bay. Now, when I have smartphone and GPS enabled connections all the time in my hand when I travel abroad - I sometimes miss that human connection of asking a stranger for the directions sometimes without understanding each other's language.
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