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Dogsledding Capitol

Ely, MN, United States
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Minnesota is one of the top states for dogsledding. My kids have been on dog sleds twice in Minnesota, both were activities at two different lodges we were staying at, but the top spot in the state for dog sledding is probably Ely, MN, which is home to many dog sledding companies and has been called the Dog Sled Capitol of the US. I rode one lap with my kids the last time we went. It was on freshly fallen snow and it was a smooth ride. It was something fun and different to try. There are several places in Minnesota that will take you out on dogsleds whether you are solo or with a large group. I have listed a few of the best below.
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Suomi Hills
Another great option for dog sledding that is not as far north as the others.
Positive Energy Outdoors and Endurance Kennels are both great choices if you are in Duluth
White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures
30 miles south of Ely, this place is remote and in the middle of the Superior National Forest.
Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge, Inc.
The only lodge in the country devoted to dog sledding, they will take you through the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

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