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Does It Ever Stop Raining In Belfast?

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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Sarah & I are cursed. & we accept this fact. It will probably rain every time either of us get anywhere. Ever. So, of course, it was raining in Belfast. BUT that didn’t stop us! The day we got there we went to the most amazing market! Nothing like the markets in Italy, where we were heckled & called at, this market was straight from a movie. The most incredible food, unique, handmade crafts, and THE MOST DELICIOUS PEANUT BUTTER BALLS I'VE EVER HAD. We were off to a good start in Northern Ireland, despite the weather.

The next day, the weather got worse. And because the weather is intent on killing our dreams, coasteering (aka cliff jumping) was cancelled. Boooo. So now, we booked a last minute your to Giant’s Causeway. IT WAS AWESOME. The weather never improved, but the causeway was such a sight to see. After exploring the basalt columns and getting sea foam sprayed at is violently, Sarah & I enjoyed a Guinness in an Irish pub while we warmed up a bit. We asked our tour guide when a good time to visit Northern Ireland would be, and he said that it pretty much rains all the time. Either way, rain or shine, I loved it.
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Giant's Causeway
Giant's Causeway
Even in the awful weather, this was awesome! We went with a tour, and I'd highly recommend that. We got to stop at a few notable places along the way and our guide was great!


Old Bushmills Distillery
Really interesting, but not a "must-do" if you don't like whiskey.

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