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Diving Jamaica

Ocho Rios, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica
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Oh yeah, one more thing we did in Ocho Rios, then it's time to head home. We had recently received our open water certification for diving, so we signed up for a 2 tank dive with the resort. It's a good place to dive because you don't have to ride very far on the boat to get out to some decent reefs from the beach, just out and around the corner. It's not like Cozumel or anything as far as great dives go, but I think it's underrated as we saw some good corals and a lot of fish, including sea turtles and a couple of moray eels. It was also good with the reefs being fairly shallow, so you don't have to worry a lot about deep diving decompression stops and all that stuff that makes us a little nervous being new divers. The divemaster on this trip was very thorough with his briefing, and we felt at ease and they had good equipment, so it was a great experience.
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