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Disney and its Butterflies

Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States
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The Flower and Garden Festival takes place each spring at Disney's EPCOT. I was able to coincide a mandatory work trip with the festival last year and, well, the results were wonderful! I had a year-long pass remaining from an extended trip in mid-2017 and was able to use that to gain access to the event. I enjoyed the various arrangements of flowers lining the EPCOT walkways, but I was most intrigued by the butterfly display. The butterflies were as colorful as any Disney movie and upon watching the butterflies do their thing (whatever that is), I couldn't help but smile. In all, the butterfly display made me feel like a kid again...even moreso than the Disney experience itself.
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California Grill
Hands down the best restaurant in Orlando; very pricey entrees, but some of the wines by the glass are under $10

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