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Discover Nature & Wildlife in BC

Victoria, BC, Canada
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I stumbled upon Swan Lake Nature Center from a Google search. We were staying in the area for a month and I wanted to get my daughter involved in some local classes. She loves science and it happens that the nature center offers science courses for homeschoolers. We were just in time to start a month-long once-a-week session. Each week the class of about 10 explored different aspects of science, such as Biology, Astronomy and Botany, in a very hands-on way. Lots of time outdoors too. My daughter absolutely loved the class. Aside from the classes, the nature center is open to the public and features cool displays of animals found around the Victoria area. There's some live animals too - a turtle, a couple snakes, toad, etc. I thought the live beehive was awesome! There's also nature all around on the outdoor paths. It's a great place to birdwatch. I saw Bald Eagles and hummingbirds, ducks, geese, and all kinds of other winged creatures.
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