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Disappointing Beach

Waimanalo Beach, HI, United States
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After a wonderful stop at the Makapu’u Beach Park we continued on to the town of Waimanalo and were eager to visit their beach area. Unfortunately though, it was a huge disappointment. The Wamanalo public beach park is located just on the south side of town, but it is not well kept at all. To enter the parking lot we had to pass by and then park literally right next to a horrible looking shanty town area. We immediately noticed several signs warning us that vehicle break ins were common here and to park at our own risk. I did start down the path to the beautiful sandy beach ahead, but after just a few minutes we realized we were just out of our safety comfort zone and drove on.
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Waimānalo Beach Park
Waimānalo Beach Park
Unfortunately, we were supposed to park right at the end of this shanty town. After seeing several warning signs about vehicle break-in being very common here we decided to move on.

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Waimānalo Beach Park
Waimānalo Beach Park
The beach area is set back quite a bit from the public parking lot.
Waimānalo Beach Park
Waimānalo Beach Park
This was the only sign I could find advertising the beach entrance.

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