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Dining out in Oahu

Honolulu, HI, United States
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As much as i lOVED visiting hawaii, one thing that continued to baffle me was how early all of the restaurants closed. They literally all shut down at like nine o clock pm. And no, im not talking about on a random week day in a random business district of the island. I'm talking about on a straight up saturday night in the most packed and tourist infested parts of the city. I could not, and still don't, understand why that is. Needless to say, don't wait too long to dine out in Hawaii, because you might just miss your chance for dinner.
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Honolulu International Airport
the scenery at this airport was beautiful but one thing i didnt like is that it doesnt offer wifi.

Culture and experiences

Iolani Palace
This is where the Queen of Hawaii used to live.
Pearl Harbor
Really moving memorial. I would suggesting purchasing the audio tour because it gives you information about the entire museum area, not just the memorial.
USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park
It was a little pricey to board this submarine, about $15, but it was actually a cool sight. And you get to see all the missiles up close.
Polynesian Cultural Center
This place is awesome. It's like a little mini disneyworld right inside of hawaii, and they have an AMAZING show every night.


Lagoon Tower (HGVC)
this is a condo-style hotel but with all the amenities of a regular hotel.
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
This is a cool little resort-style area with a bunch of hilton hotels, pools, restaurants, shops, etc.

Points of interest

North Shore
the waves and beaches on the north side of the island are much quieter than the tourist south side, but still just as beautiful.
Tantalus Drive
truly spectacular lookout point. The view is incredible. You can see the entire city!


Fresco Italian Restaurant
delicious food at the hilton resort, and they have a very comfy lounge area in case there's a wait.
Chef Mavro restaurant
the service and atmosphere at this restaurant were unparalleled, but that's what youre paying for. It's a tapas style restaurant and each tapa costs around $50. You will leave hungry.
Tropics Bar & Grill
this was one of the more casual restaurants in the hilton hawaiin village
Roy's Waikiki
Okay this restaurant is super 5 star and fancy, BUT, they have a four course meal option for like $65!


ABC Store
These stores are everywhere. They're like your local walgreens. If you ever need to run a quick errand in Hawaii, youll be able to find what you need at an ABC store.
Ala Moana Center
This is a huge shopping center right in the tourist areas on Honolulu, but it's got a lot of great shopping options!

Special activities

Turtle Bay
There's a specific spot on the beach where turtles like to amass. The big ones! We saw them sticking their heads out of the water every few minutes. It was so cute
Na Ala Hele: Manoa Falls Trail
This is about a one mile hike through the jungle and at the end you reach a beautiful waterfall. so worth it.
Halona Blow Hole
there's a little crack in the rocks here and the waves come through and spray up. Cool sight.
Hanauma Bay
make sure to go snorkeling here! You barely have to go even one ft deep and there are fish everywhere!
Diamond Head
The view from the top is extraordinary. There is an outlined trail for you to hike. Not bad at all


Aihualama Trail
This trail is NOT for the faint of heart. It is REALLY REALLY HARD. And be warned, there are many times where you will be one, guard-less step away from falling to your death.
Koko Head
If you want to get a really good workout, go hike up these stairs. It's about a 2 mile hike straight upward, all tall steps. I thought i was going to die, but glad i did it in the end, i guess.
Banzai Pipeline
the waves here are HUGE. This is where you should go to watch the big dogs surf.
Sandy Beach
many of the beaches in honolulu are rocky, but the sand at this one is pure white and feels great to walk on
Waikīkī Beach
this was the beach right off the hotel . Beautiful and a great place to watch the sunset

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