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Dining in the Park

Chessy, Île-de-France, France
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Our standard meal plan gave us two dining options within Disneyland Park, both of them being buffet restaurants. In other words, we were stuffing ourselves silly the entire trip. The first we tried was Agrabah Cafe, located in Adventureland. This restaurant is immaculately themed to that of the city where the animated classic Aladdin takes place - a middle eastern kingdom, notably its market and bazaar. The atmosphere alone is immersive and worth experiencing. The food, mostly middle eastern fare, but also enough of other things to please finicky eaters, was quite good - especially for Disney standards. However, the overall selection was limited. It wasn't a large buffet at all, which for me wasn't a problem at all. But it may be underwhelming for some. I'd recommend Agrabah Cafe if you are on the Disney meal plan and choose to stay inside the park to eat.
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Restaurant Agrabah Cafè
Restaurant Agrabah Cafè
Very good buffet restaurant inside Disneyland park at Disneyland Paris. Expesnive, though. Unless covered by your meal plan.

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