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Dim Sum at Philadelphia Chinatown

Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Dim sum is my favorite Chinese food. I love feeling of picking a varity of bite-size food and desserts. Especially, I like the style of being served steaming-hot, fresh-made dim sum dishes in the baskets on the carts rolling around without leaving the chair. Joy Tsin Lau is such kind of traditional dim sum restaurant in the center of Philly Chinatown. My husband craved for chicken feet and pork intestine, kind of weird taste in my opinion. My kids were more interested in colorful jelly desserts. I liked any dishes made from rice. For a family of 4, We spent only $50 for a lunch, tip included. It was quite affordable for a memorable meal.
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Parkway Corporation
It was crazy to pay $24 for 1.5 hrs parking and still difficult to find a spot.

Points of interest

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)
An interesting building with a statue of clown juggling at the entrance.
A traditional Chinatown located between the Convention Center and National Constitution Center.


Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House
Ranked as the best Chinese restaurant in the State of Pennsylvania. No matter how tasty, it is only noodle.
Joy Tsin Lau
A traditional and truly genuine Cantonese style dim sum place in Chinatown.

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