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Destin, FL, United States
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I had always heard that the Florida coastline had beautiful blue waters and soft white sand, and have now been able to confirm this firsthand. We took a trip out to the Destin/Seaside area and I was very much impressed with both the beach and the towns. We had a wonderful time renting bikes, and cruising along the main roads between the close-by coastline communities. We also stopped at the Seaside Amphitheater and enjoyed some live music, then walked across the street and enjoyed some fresh seafood. Wonderful beach vacation spot, and one that I would definitely go back to.
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AJ's Seafood & Oyster Bar
Enjoyed sitting out on the deck, looking at the water and eating some yummy raw oysters. Didn't try any of the other menu items as oysters were our reason for going. They did not disappoint, and I liked the ambiance of the place.

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by MollyJackson


We too love Seaside. However, we have learned that it can be extremely over crowded. Because we do not have young children, if we go, we usually schedule the trip for October. The beach is still usually warm enough to visit, yet, the crowds are not as bad. Lots of cool places at Seaside!