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You'll stop at a bookstore here during the bus tour. Don'...

Denali National Park and Preserve, AK 99743, USA
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A friend of mine and I decided to venture a bit north from Anchorage to do our best to see Mount McKinley, the highest point in the United States.

We decided to have a fairly immersive experience at Denali National Park, so we opted to take a six hour narrated bus tour that only captures 19 miles of the park. One likely can't imagine that it would take three hours each way to cover such a short distance, but the stops and the opportunities to see animals are so frequent that the road is traveled slowly.

The bus is driven by a certified driver-naturalist from the Park Service, and they tell you to yell STOP anytime you might have an animal sighting. Because of this, we were able to see a few eagles, a wolf (which is rare), and a moose.

You can only sometimes see Mount McKinley (which is called Denali by native Alaskans), because it has its own weather patterns. Unfortunately, it was not visible when I visited.
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