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Delta Catering Redo

Fort Payne, AL, United States
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Another Delta First Class domestic catering photo. I feel like I have posted a few stories about Delta first class domestic catering that looked awful. Part of that is that I order Gluten Free (GF) ahead of time when I can. This often results in catering that is sub-par. On this flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas in 2018 before COVID-19, the catering, even gluten free, was quite good leaving from the ATL hub. This was a lunch service that I would have been quite happy with for lunch or for dinner. I have only ever had this exact meal service once on Delta. I wish it has been more.
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Fort Payne
Fort Payne
My phone tagged this lunch service as over Fort Payne, Alabama en route to Las Vegas

For kids

Fort Payne Depot Museum
Fort Payne has a museum in a former train station

Points of interest

Alabama Fan Club And Museum
The band Alabama has a museum in Fort Payne that looks like it was renovated and re-opened in 2018
Fort Payne
Fort Payne is a whistle-stop town in Alabama. The county seat of DeKalb County, Alabama, the population is about 14,000 persons.

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