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Delicious Cuban fare in South Beach

Miami Beach, FL, United States
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The popular Cuban restaurant Puerto Sagua Restaurant in South Beach is exactly what you're looking for on vacation. Quick service, cheap menu items, and authentic flavors. You can tell this hot spot has been an institution in Miami for decades. You can pop in to grab a to go coffee or take a seat for a full sit down experience. And they're open until 2am, so I would assume you can even order alcohol. We only came here for breakfast though. We ordered Beef Empanadas, Croquetas and Cuban Bread

I was most impressed with the empanadas, as the delicate texture of the dough stood out. Croquetas are always my favorite Cuban item, and these savory, tender bites. Our server refilled our coffees multiple times. A wonderful restaurant with local flair. Extremely Cuban and definitively Miami. What else could you want?
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