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Deadman's Hole - it's no place to play

Meadowlakes, TX, United States
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After arriving at Dead Man's Hole, I took some time to read the historical marker and then walked over to the hole itself. There is a metal cover over the hole and it is located maybe four feet below the surface of the ground. Supposedly, there is a concrete cover underneath this metal cover. Some older photos of Dead Man's Hole seem to confirm this.

I know that some people have tried to climb down to that metal cover but I was not about to attempt this. If that cover gave way I would plummet roughly 160 ft down into a dark cave. This did not sound like a fun experience.

There is a small hole in the middle cover which I suspect is probably used to allow the cave to vent. I do a lot of long exposure photography and I would have been interested in trying to get a long exposure photograph through that hole but again I was not about to trust that metal cover. Dead Man's Hole is no place to play.
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Dead Man's Hole
I added this place as a travel detail to show the location on a map. There are no signs pointing the way from any major population center or major highway.

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