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Dallas Keeps Growing

Dallas, TX, United States
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It seems like every time I drive through Dallas, there are a couple of new skyscrapers going up. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, along with many other cities in Texas, has seen a major population boom in the last three or four decades.

I know that we have some people in this travel Community who really enjoy photographing big city skylines. If you love urban landscapes, it is hard to go wrong with Dallas. In some respects, the city feels ultra-modern with its new skyscrapers being built constantly.

On the other hand, the city also feels very historic due to the large number of historic buildings in the town. The city has been especially good about preserving the Dealey Plaza area where President Kennedy was assassinated. Building such as the Texas School Book Depository often got demolished with urban renewal, but the area around Dealey Plaza has been largely preserved. Outside of Dealey Plaza, Dallas still has a nice collection of historic buildings amongst all the Modern Skyscrapers.

The city is also known for its massive maze of of interstate highways and its impressive bridges over the Trinity River. If cityscapes are your thing, Dallas is waiting for you. I took this photograph from a sky bridge that leads from the 7th floor of the Old Texas School Book Depository. This is one of the few locations where you are allowed to take photographs at this Museum.
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