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Da Vinci et Amboise

Amboise, Centre-Val de Loire, France
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Amboise is a curious place. Known for it's Château d'Amboise, the large 15th-century residence of King Charles VIII, but also as the last home of Leonardo Da Vinci. While he spent most of his years in Florence, Milan, and Vinci. Da Vinci left Rome late in his life to serve the French King as a painter, architect, and engineer. He was hosted in the grand home outside the palace, where the King would frequent him in the middle of the night via hidden tunnels. It is said these nightly visits were strictly for "philosophy, art, and engineering discussions" which is historic erasure of LGBTQ at its finest, Da Vinci is the reason "Florenzer" became widely used slang for homosexual. There is also sweet, but untrue, legend that Leonardo died in the arms of his "friend" the King; an event copied many times in painting. Da Vinci was buried at St. Florentin in Château d’Amboise on 12 August 1519, and left all his belongings to his servants.

Outside of the three landmarks, Ambois is unfortunately a tourist trap. I highly suggest going in Shoulder/Low season to get around comfortably.
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Château du Clos Lucé
Château du Clos Lucé
Make time to wander the gardens and take a peek at the tunnels!

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