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Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge

Kinigi, Northern Province, Rwanda
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Our lodge in Volcanoes National Park was Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge and we were very happy with it. There are no actual gorillas at the hotel, except for a statue at the front. The famous gorillas are in the nearby mountains. The lodge here featured very roomy cottages, probably double the size of a normal hotel room. They had fireplaces in the room, in which the staff would build a fire for you in the evening to take away some of the mountain chill. They also brought hot water bottles to warm up our beds, which were really nice for keeping your feet warm. (Honestly, it wasn't really that cold while we were there, compared to what we're used to in the midwest USA.) Food is served in the main lodge in a second story open air restaurant, and everything we had was very good. We found that by asking for vegetarian options, it seemed like we got a meal with more of a local flavor. There are also beautiful views of the tall volcanoes of the park, and a nice central lawn and firepit where the local youth dance group came by to give a show one evening. which was really great.

It's hard to find nice mid-priced hotels near Volcanoes Park. We were really happy with our choice of Da Vinci for our stay.
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Da Vinci Lodge
Da Vinci Lodge
We had a great stay at this hotel, right at the edge of Volcanoes park.

Points of interest

Mount Bisoke
We had views of this and a couple other volcanoes from our lodge.
Volcanoes National Park
A great national park famous for its population of mountain gorillas

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