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Anaheim, CA, United States
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I will start off saying that we typically love Disney. We've been to Disneyland and Disneyworld multiple times and usually have a good time. However, we went in the summer of 2017 and were disappointed. It was super crowded, which we expected because it was summer, but the way the crowds were handled was not as good as we experienced at Universal and other amusement parks. Here is just one example:

Our 5 year old wanted to see Groot. He wanted to see Groot even more than Mickey Mouse. He is a huge Marvel fan and this was the one character he wanted to meet. So he and my husband waited in the line to meet Groot for a total of 45 minutes. About 20 minutes in to this wait, they cut off the line a few people behind my husband and sent everyone else away because Groot was going to take a break. That's fine. My family was told that they would still be able to meet him. So they waited another 25 minutes. They were finally 2nd in line and Groot was taken on break. My husband told the workers that they were told they would be able to meet him when the line was cut off. The workers shrugged and said that Groot would be back in 30 minutes.

Why couldn't they have just taken the 5 people still in line that were told they would still have time to meet him? So weird. Anyway, we weren't willing to wait anymore. We came back 30 minutes later to another huge line. So we had our son stand in front of Groot as he was meeting other people so we could snap this picture. What a disappointment. We were a little disenchanted with Disney after that. Universal Studios treated us much better :)
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