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Culture Shock in London

London, , United Kingdom
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After an 8-hour trip from Chicago, Illinois to Heathrow, London, our feet are now on solid ground. Not only that but we have been able to get in a couple of hours of sleep and a shower to freshen up. I had been up over 24 hours and the lack of sleep was getting quite depressing.Here are the few things Greg and I have learned in our stay here so far:1) There are professional thieves working in Paddington Train Station (per the announcement over the loud speaker).2) The city smells like diesel fumes.3) Just because it is not raining, doesn’t mean it is not wet (a fine mist devours you like Dementors when they are breeding).Shannon checking out the last minute camera settings to make sure all the pictures come out beautiful!4) There are no such things as traffic laws. U-turns can be made ANYWHERE and it is proper to cut people off within an inch of their lives.5) If you are going to fly internationally, business class beats coach any day! (of course, we were in coach)6) Don’t go feeling or knocking on government buildings. Sure, you may be an architect and want to know what it is made of but the government might not be as happy with it.7) Showers levitate feet off the ground and only the long-legged survive!8) Free Internet access means £65 a day!9) It doesn’t matter how hard or small your bed is when you are exhausted.10) There is always a silver lining – no matter how culture shocked you feel.After finally getting into the hotel, our early dinner was a buffet of sorts; cheeses meats, and some other items that we were quite curious about. It was nice to have something light and tasty after a long day. That, coupled with finally meeting a number of people in person, when I have been friends with them online for over 2 years, put a nice end to the evening. Well, that and a early turn in so that we are well rested for our wonderful day of sites, smells, foods, and friends tomorrow.
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Paddington Station
Paddington Station
Beautiful... inside and out.
Heathrow Airport
Real food but high prices. You can easily get lost.
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
One of the busiest airports in the world... and lots to see.


Premier Inn London Tower Bridge Hotel
Clean rooms, good food, awesome staff, and easy access to everything you want to see.

Points of interest

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
This is, in fact, not London Bridge. But everyone thinks so.

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