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Crispy Pig Feet w/ Mustard Sauce

Napa, CA, United States
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Napa Valley, the wine county in Northern California has some of the most premier French food all around. If I am not mistaken, there are many Michelin Star restaurants dotted the landscape of the valley. I supposed it all makes sense. What could be better than fantastic wines and French food?

So yes, most people know that French food is among the greatest global culinary giants. What French food is also known for is its adoptions of rarely used ingredients and turn them into fantastic dishes: think of escargot, geese liver, pig brain, and what we had that night, crispy pig feet with mustard sauce.

I mean why not?...It’s the first item on the menu, and an unusual one for that matter…
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Bistro Jeanty
All long this street are array of high end restaurants for you to select from. Mostly European cuisines

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