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Cranberry Lake Community

Byram Township, NJ, United States
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I have the first worldest of first world problems. I have a lot of fun international travel planned for this year, and a lot less time in and around my usual easy to get to quick escapes from the city. I am hoping that now that I have befriended a nice couple in the Cranberry Lake area via Air BnB I may be able to secure a few more relaxing boat rides just 45 minutes from the city. There's a little part of me that would like to own a little cabin or vacation home around this area so that I could spontaneously take short trips when I needed a getaway, but unfortunately the property taxes do not oblige. If you go, make sure you klook for farmstands, home made ice cream, greek food, and a microbrew place all very close by.
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Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lake
A place to find a cheap air bnb, fish unsuccessfully, and drink on boats.

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