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Cosmopolitan City in North Africa

Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz, Morocco
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I traveled through Morocco with one of my best friends. We started our trip in Spain, then made our way down to the south & took a ferry from Algeciras to Tangier (Tanger), Morocco. We sailed through the Strait of Gibraltar in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

We left Tangier a day early because it felt too much like a port city. We must not have been in the best area. From there, we traveled to Fez (Fes), which was an amazing experience. But the best part of the trip was Marrakech.

We stayed in a riad which is similar to a bed & breakfast type place. It is basically like a mini hotel that is usually run by one owner or family. Ours was next to Jemaa al-fna, the famous marketplace that comes alive during the late evening hours. I definitely recommend visiting this wondrous marketplace. Here you can experience traditional Moroccan food. The area is deserted during the day because it is so hot outside, but the juice stands and restaurants are all set up by early evening to serve the thousands of curious spectators. You can see traditional Gnawa dancing & get henna tattoos.

Aside from this area, there are many other lovely areas to visit. One of my personal favorites was Gueliz, a French quarter that historically was home to many artists & other creative types. There was great shopping here & overall it was a cool neighborhood.

One of my favorite things about this place was how people from every part of the world seemed to be here. It was also interesting to see how fluent the Moroccans are in so many different languages. It was easy to communicate because many of them spoke Spanish & English.

For a unique taste of North African culture, I highly recommend visiting Marrakech!
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