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Cornell University Hockey!!

Ithaca, NY, United States
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This weekend we went to my first trip to Cornell University to see a Hockey game. It was extremely fun but the weather was -8 degrees which made for an extremely cold weekend! The hockey game was cool though as we sat right on the glass! I would go again, just not in those kind of temperatures. It was a cool little town that I would like to explore again on a different weekend! We did visit a few bars a long the way but I rem one because it had roosters everywhere. It was called chanticleer it was a little place and nobody was there, I guess becuase of the temperature.
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Bars and nightlife

We came here at the end of the night for a few drinks, was a nice time!
We went to this bar when it was freezing out. We had a good time shooting pool and having a few drinks!

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by oliver033


Great seats!