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Coptic Churches of Cairo

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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The Christian religion has been in Egypt almost as long as it has existed. After all, the Holy Family fled to Egypt when Jesus was an infant. There are a handful of ancient Coptic Christian churches in Cairo and I visited some of them just walking around on my own in Cairo. One of these, the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church (locally known as Abu Serga) has a crypt that is tradition holds is where the Holy Family stayed. Abu Serga dates back to the 4th century, but has been rebuilt and restored since then. Another church I visited in the same Coptic district is the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George with a beautiful mosaic of (as you might guess) St. George slaying a dragon. I loved seeing these ancient church interiors, and it is just another part of all the amazing history available in Egypt.
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Ramses Hilton
I was able to make my way from the hotel to the Coptic quarter

Points of interest

Ben Ezra Synagogue
There are also some ancient synagogues in this historic district
Fortress of Babylon
The Coptic churches and museum are in this ancient district of Cairo.
Coptic Museum
I also visited this museum with a lot more examples of ancient Coptic art
The Hanging Church
Another of the Coptic Christian church, this one dedicated to the Virgin Mary
Church Of St Barbara
Another of the Coptic churches -- I think this photo may be from St. Barbara
Masjid Amr Ibn El Aas
I also walked by this, the oldest mosque in Cairo.
St. George Shrine
St. George Shrine
I also found this beautiful mosaic of St. George and the dragon at the church
Monastery and Church of Saint George
Monastery and Church of Saint George
An Orthodox Christian church dating back to the 10th century
St Sergius and St Bacchus Church
St Sergius and St Bacchus Church
An ancient Coptic church built over this place where the Holy Family rested after arriving in Egypt

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