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Copenhagen is a Parents (and kids) Haven.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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In 2015, my daughter was born so we didn't have time to do any vacationing while my wife was pregnant. However, we were planning to go somewhere that was super kid friendly in 2016 to accommodate my young daughter. If you Google kid friendly European countries, Copenhagen Denmark is in the top 3. Having been knocked down a couple pegs from #1 happiest place on earth in 2018, Denmark is just tripping over itself to help frazzled parents wrangle their kiddos into some great kid-centered activities. And there are loads of them in Copenhagen. My family and I visited Copenhagen in mid-June and little did we know what we were in for in terms of events and things to do. Once you've acclimated to the pace of Copenhagen (very chill), head on over to Tivoli. Boasting street cred as the 2nd oldest operating amusement park IN THE WORLD (which is 2nd only to Dyrehavsbakken---or Bakken, as the locals call it--- which is in Denmark as well), Tivoli is an absolute gem. There's something for all ages. Geared towards families and teenagers going on a first date, there's no shortage of fun to be had and food to eat. A very walkable amusement park that's not too hard on the wallet. Lots of rides, shows to watch and some carnival type games. Although we didn't make it to Bakken on this trip, we hope to visit Copenhagen again and see it. Bakken started in 1583 and is still going. It's more old-fashioned than Tivoli and has deer wandering around. If I could recommend any neighborhood in Copenhagen, I'd tell you to shoot for Vestebro. If you have kids, the neighborhood by Enghave Park was nice with lots of little shops, places to eat and right off Istegade and Sønder streets. One secret place in Vestebro which I will let you in on is called Brød. This bakery has something for everyone. The yummy smells wafting from it's door suck you in from blocks away. We ate breakfast pastries from here EVERY DAY. Yes, it's that good. Also, while in Vestebro, something magical happened at Enghave Park on or about June 21st. We stumbled into a huge neighborhood Midsommer Fest complete with a gigantic bonfire which, if memory serves me, was stacked with timbers not less than 10 feet tall that shot flames and sparks far higher than that. Go viking pyre!!! Thankfully there was a light drizzle that night (and it was in the center of a big pond) else the whole neighborhood would have burned down. It was also my first introduction to making Snobrød (Danish bonfire bread). Take some of the most sticky dough you've ever handled, coil it around the end of a long stick and cook it over flames like you would roast a marshmallow. Reminded me a bit of naan but with a bit of a different flavor and dryer texture. Since we wanted to take a dip in the salty canal, another fun highlight was heading over to Havnebadet Fisketorvet. It's one of the local swimming holes along the canal by the Fisketorvet mall. It has these floating but submerged swimming corrals which are very interesting. All manner of little fish that are small enough to fit through the grates of the corral dodge and dart among the kids swimming. You'll see little kids with nets trying to catch them. The more popular swimming hole Havnebadet Islands Brygge is just up the canal but is also very busy. While in Copenhagen, I recommend a day trip to Malmö, Sweden. You get to cross the Øresund Bridge which starts underground and comes above ground. It's cheap and you kill two birds with one stone! Be in two countries for the price of one. Malmö is a small town and walkable. Good for a day trip. Being in Vestebro also let's you take a short walk to the Carlsberg brewery where you can get a photo-op with the giant Carlsberg elephant statues and visit the brewery. While it was on our itin, we never got the chance to visit Roskilde and see the Viking Ship museum or take a ride on a replica viking ship. Roskilde also has the biggest rock fest in northern Europe. Sadly, we missed it too. We also missed a trip to the "country within a country" called Christiania. You'll have to read up on it on your own. Maybe next time. We opted for the National Museum of Denmark instead and it was very well suited for adults and kids. Free stroller? YES PLEASE!!! We also did a side trip to Billund to visit Legoland and scored some of those Lego sets you can only buy in Billund as mementos of the trip. We had a blast in Denmark.
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Copenhagen Central Station
This is the main train station in Copenhagen and your starting point for traveling here, there and everywhere.
If you stay in the Vesterbro area, the #10 bus is your friend. It'll take you to the central station in 5 minutes.

Culture and experiences

National Museum of Denmark
You'll find many old artifacts for Denmark's viking past here. Free strollers for all you tired parents is a nice plus.

For kids

If your tired feet are aching from all the touristy stuff you've been doing all the the while dragging your poor kiddos through it, drop by this nice big park in the western part of town and chill out.
Copenhagen Zoo
The nearby Copenhagen zoo is small compared to most other big city zoos but the kiddos might like it.
Tivoli Gardens
Great family to take the kids to if you want to do amusement park type rides. Often has concerts as well.
The playground - Ejstedgade
There is a great play structure here for little ones and bigger kiddos. A huge zip line also.
Enghave Parken
A nice green space and meandering park with a large pond in the middle. Hosts the Midsommer festival the neighborhood puts on.

Points of interest

Gamle Carlsberg Vej
If you like Carlsberg beer or the history of the brewery, this is your place. Nice photo op with the stone elephants outside. Also serve food as part of their tour.


You want to stuff you face with the best pastries money can buy? It doesn't get better than Brød. Grab some coffee to go as well.


Food prices are average in Denmark but not insane like Iceland or Norway. Still, Super Brugsen is your friendly neighborhood grocery store when you need to get the essentials.

Special activities

Havnebadet Fisketorvet
A really cool floating swimming pool place where you can take a dip in the chilly sea waters that flow through the canals. Little fish zip in and out of the pool and the kids chase them.

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I love this! We will be heading out to Copenhagen for Spring Break this year, so I definitely appreciate the info in this story!