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Consider Orlando as a Gateway for Cheap Flights to the UK

Southchase, FL, United States
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Some may be surprised to learn that Walt Disneyworld in Orlando is an incredibly popular tourist destination for the Brits. However, getting folks from across the pond is a little different from getting people from all points across the fruited plain. It's a long haul, international flight, and there's no fewer than three carriers operating direct scheduled service between Orlando and the UK. Here we can see three Virgin Atlantic 747's at the gate at the MCO at the same time. That's a lot of jumbo jets for a single airline to have parked at a non-hub at the same time! Let's not forget British Airways also flies between London Gatwick and MCO on 777's, Norwegian does the same with 787 Dreamliners. This is a lot of action involving a lot of people! These UK routes alone carry well over a million passengers per year to/from Orlando! The competition from so many airlines for leisure travelers creates very attractive fares on this route, so if you need to get between the US and London, you may want to consider using Orlando!
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