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Confirmed. LaGuardia still the Worst

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Located in Lovely Flushing, NY, LaGuardia Airport has once again confirmed that it is the worst. Sure, it no longer looks like the airport at an up and rising third world country, but it isn’t still a miserable place to spend a few hours compared to other US city airports. I arrived at the airport early after my flight had been delayed ready to sit down, order a beer, and watch the World Cup. There are worse ways to spend a couple of hours... once I got through security, I discovered there wasn’t a single sit down bar or restaurant in the entire area. This is fairly common in Europe, but I can’t think of a major US airport like it. I eventually found out I could get a Sam Adams in a plastic cup and drink it at my gate while watching the game on my phone. Not exactly how I imagined my day...

Obviously, this is a first world problem, but it was still pretty annoying during a long day.
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LaGuardia Airport
They have revamped this airport, but it still is unpleasant

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New York
This is a great city that is a pain to fly into!

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