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Concrete Jungle

Osaka, Osaka, Japan
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It is common knowledge that Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and certainly its 3rd largest metropolitan area, Osaka, is not an exception. The population density in this part of the world is astounding. Visiting the major cities in Japan as a whole, and Osaka in particular, has really challenged my view on what it means to be truly crowded. Talking about concrete jungles, countless neon signs, advertisements, and small living spaces, I was on a local train and I could see concrete jungles spreading out on all direction all the way to the horizon. The above picture was taken in a random alleyway of downtown Osaka. How suffocating!
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it's suffocating even in a small random alleyway. JPN is like nowhere else!

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by dyrd1955


Now that is a visual overload!