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Columbia Ice Field

Jasper, AB, Canada
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We honestly stopped at the Columbia Icefields Visitor’s Center for our kids to use the bathroom, but we ended up being so grateful that we stopped. This center was amazing, with tons of information on the icefields. They even had explorer booklets for our kids that were like the junior ranger books they get in the national parks in the states. There was a gallery with amazing pictures and a movie that we could enjoy as well. We ended up getting some tips on the best family friendly hike in the area as well. It wasn’t the short stop to use the bathroom that we thought it would be!
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The town that has Banff national park in it. Beautiful, but hotels and food area pricey.
Banff National Park Of Canada
Basically attached to Jasper national park. You are crazy if you are in the area and don't stop here
Jasper National Park Of Canada
If you are in the area to visit Banff, make sure to check out this park as well. It was amazing!
Saskatchewan River Crossing
Within the park, so you can make sure to check this beauty out.
Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure
Look into this if you are at the ice field already. Great for adults.
Columbia Icefield Skywalk
Definitely stop here if you are at the ice field already. Breathtaking views.
Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre
Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre
Worth the stop. Not only for the free bathrooms, but for the information that you can get here.
Athabasca Glacier
Go here if you are in the area. It is worth the stop
A great little town not far from Banff. Home to the Columbia Icefield

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