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Colorful buildings abound in Burano

Burano, Veneto, Italy
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You've heard of Venice - windy cobblestone streets, romantic gondola rides, and art and architecture for days ... and so many tourists your selfie stick can't handle it. And you've probably heard of Murano, the nearby island famed for it's blown glass. But you may not heard of Burano - and I'm here to tell you to add it to the top of your Venetian itinerary. 45 minutes from the mainland, a visit here will greet you with the same sinewy canals and picturesque bridges as Venice but with a fraction of the tourists. There's not much to do on this island, but that's the point. Simply walking around to gawk at the colorful buildings will be one of the highlights of your trip. And at under $10, the boat ride to and from the island will be more affordable than any gondola ride and will provide you with stunning views of the surrounding sea. I'll understand if you only have one day to spend in Venice - but if you have two, spending a day in Burano should be a priority.
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Taking a 45-minute ferry ride is both a picturesque and economical way to explore the island of Burano.

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by h_preece


I love the colored buildings!