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Colorado Welcome Center

Julesburg, CO, United States
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Located at the beginning of the South Platte River Trail about 5 miles from the Colorado/Nebraska state line, is the Julesburg Colorado Welcome Center. Situated upon what used to be a section of the Pony Express route, you are greeted by a large sculpture of a courrier upon a horse. The parking lot is fairly large and there is plenty of green space around. Picnic tables are dotted about and are covered underneath a tee-pee type structure. You can also find a small pet area as well a children’s play area. When approaching the building, you enter through an arch leading to courtyard with patio tables and a cool sculpture. When you enter the building, you will find the restrooms are straight ahead and off to the right, is the “Welcome Area”. The Welcome area looked like a small library, with racks upon racks of travel brochures and pamphlets. Lining one side of the wall was a free, fresh coffee station, which many visitors seemed to partake in. The staff was very friendly and helpful. If you happen to come after the Welcome Areas operating hours, there are vending machines in the area of the restrooms. One of my favorite rest stops on the trip and also my first. There is a gas station just up highway 385 and for food there is a Subway across the street. There are also a couple of overnight accommodations in the area as well.
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Subway Restaurants
This is the only restaurant in the area. Pick up a sandwich and head to the welcome center to grab free coffee.

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