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Colombia’s “Cristal Beach”

Playa Cristal o playa muerto, Magdalena, Colombia
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Clear blue skies, crystallized waters & phenomenal seafood makes any destination perfect. We arrived in Santa Marta on a humid & hot Friday afternoon. Luckily we were able to secure a room in an AirBNB by the name of “Villa Escobar”, situated within the mountains overlooking “El Rodadero”. The owner would neither confirm nor deny that this home at one point belonged to the infamous Pablo Escobar! Santa Marta is a beach town in the north of Colombia that offers you access to some secluded beaches that can only be reached by boat. On Saturday we took a taxi at 10am to a nearby beach town Taganga where we paid $25,000 COP ($8+USD) a piece to be transferred by boat to Playa Cristal. What we found was a secluded beach, nestled between the tip of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. You’re sitting on a beach, looking at the very first mountain that starts the entire Sierra Nevada range. Truly amazing, exceptionally beautiful. In the beach there were people selling Avocado’s with lime & salt, fried fish & natural juices. Within the city the restaurants are nothing to ride home about, but we never came for the food in the 1st place. Fair warning: this is one of the hottest places we have ever been to!
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Donde Chucho
Here’s an interesting mix, seafood rice but the rice is coconut based! The mix of sweet, salty & spice is perfection,

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by Liketraveling


Fully agree, Santa Marta was nothing special. We could have easily skipped it and stayed near Tayrona National Park just a bit longer