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Cold, Tired and Joyful

Cusco, Cusco, Peru
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11 strangers came together in Cusco, Peru to explore parts of Peru most of us had never heard of. The first stop on our journey was a magical mountain six hours southwest of Cusco. We climbed in our Chariot up to 14,000 feet to a base camp that provided warm food, hot springs and a cold place to crash. There were no showers, electricity or heat - it was perfect. This space allowed us the solitude to get to know each, ourselves, the local tribe and the mountain. On our second day we hiked 9 miles round trip to explore the lake at the base of the Apus. The walk back down was like walking through a magical leprechaun filled fairytale and looked completely different from the hike up. By the time we got back to camp our bodies were so tired it took every ounce of strength to luxuriously slide into the hot springs. A very satisfying (and long) day.
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