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Coba - Want to mountain bike through some ruins?

Cobá, Q.R., Mexico
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First things first - this was the definitive highlight of my trip. If you only go to one ruins site while exploring the Yucatan Peninsula, make it Coba. Sure, Chichen Itza is a world wonder, and Tulum is right on the water, but Coba unleashes a true sense of adventure. Rent a mountain bike, and race along the trails, underneath exotic birdcalls an between hanging vines, arriving at the next temple panting for breath, and utterly in awe. If your legs aren't tired yet, climb up to the top of the pyramid at Coba, the view above the treeline is absolutely breathtaking, especially when you realize that ancient Mayan rulers probably looked at some of the same trees you're gazing out onto.
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Restaurante Nikte Ha
Restaurante Nikte Ha
Before exploring the ruins, we stopped for lunch at Nikte Ha on the lagoon. Th pork pibil was excellent! Pibil is a local preparation that has a great and unique flavor.

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Coba Pyramid
Coba Pyramid
Absolute favorite ruins site, out of Tulum, Chichen Itza, Muyil, Ek Balam, and this one. The site is huge, not nearly as crowded as Tulum or Chichen Itza, and the mountain bikes make this an experience everyone will remember!

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