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Closeup view of basalt column

Devils Tower, WY, United States
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In the Devils Tower National Monument, there is a circled walking trail around the Devils Tower. We did not want to make a full circling of the trail, but wanted to sample a bit. So, we walked 10 or so minutes along the trail. We were quite we chose to do that because we could see the tower from quite different perspectives. One thing we found very interesting was there are rock climbers who were going up the tower. We first did not notice at all, but other hikers were staring up the tower, so we looked up and found climbers on the cliff. I don't know how difficult it is, but it looks like the tower would be a great place rock climbers. We thoroughly enjoyed short hike. Perhaps if we made the full circle, then we could have seen a lot more things, but we felt that was good enough and got back to our car.
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